Poetry - The Powerpuff CHIPS


Lost and thrown down,

By them who were mine.

Betrayed and lied,

To them who were mine.

And now miles away,

Left alone and crying,

For them who were mine.

All these thoughts –

When I don’t want to think,

Of them who were mine.

Frustrations coming out; for losing

Them, who were mine.

Yes! am guilty of hurting,

Them – who were mine.

Should I be called a loser?

When am still fighting valiantly.

Should I be considered a failure?

For I chose to write the paper of life – slowly!

Should I be declared dead?

For I chose to sleep carelessly.

Yes! perhaps, I should be

For having taken life so seriously!

Because of them who were mine.

Pain would have no meaning

If the words bore no tears.

Love would be devoid of passion,

If one would have no emotion.

And God would have been a Devil,

If one would have no faith!

Because of those who were mine.

For those who will be mine…

~ the powerpuff CHIPS


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