Poetry - The Powerpuff CHIPS

The Prayer

Days go by as droplets are lost in the ocean,

The vastness void of eternal commotion.

Deep within the darkness, as dark as it can get,

Confusions in my mind, tearing it apart – you bet.

Changing bitterness to the sweetest as it can be,

Deepest in this darkness, is black, that all I can see!

Thinking to end this with the last breath exhausted,

For the soul has already departed,

To an island of joy, somewhere far from you and me.

Is there a meaning to all this catastrophe?

My soul running naked, wild and free –

Alas! but materialistic world is all that you can see.

Someday it will end; it will all be null and void.

And then probably the universe will come to a halt,

Your minds be set free from the android.

And that will be the judgement day!

Of a new start; mending our only fault.

Day and night, all the while;

For this is what i pray!

~the powerpuff CHIPS




Poetry - The Powerpuff CHIPS


Lost and thrown down,

By them who were mine.

Betrayed and lied,

To them who were mine.

And now miles away,

Left alone and crying,

For them who were mine.

All these thoughts –

When I don’t want to think,

Of them who were mine.

Frustrations coming out; for losing

Them, who were mine.

Yes! am guilty of hurting,

Them – who were mine.

Should I be called a loser?

When am still fighting valiantly.

Should I be considered a failure?

For I chose to write the paper of life – slowly!

Should I be declared dead?

For I chose to sleep carelessly.

Yes! perhaps, I should be

For having taken life so seriously!

Because of them who were mine.

Pain would have no meaning

If the words bore no tears.

Love would be devoid of passion,

If one would have no emotion.

And God would have been a Devil,

If one would have no faith!

Because of those who were mine.

For those who will be mine…

~ the powerpuff CHIPS